Participation of Dr. Abrevaya in the “Science Communication Panel”, organized by journalist Bruce Dorminey, which took place at the international conference Astrobiology 2017, in Coyhaique, Chile.

Participation of Dr. Abrevaya in the event “Asteroid Day”, organized by the National University of Colombia, who gave the guest talk “Meteorites and the origin of life”

New book by Dr. Varela “Meteorites, rocky remains of the Primitive Solar System”

No one is indifferent to a meteorite. The curiosity aroused by a rock coming from outer space is enormous. Meteorites allow us to understand how our Solar System was formed. In them the most primitive objects that exist are protected and preserved. This book explains how meteorites have protected the first condensates of the Solar Nebula, as well as small grains from stars that lived and died before our Sun. After a historical review of the different steps that led these rocks to be recognized as coming from outer space, the author introduces us to the principles of Cosmochemistry and then deals with the specific theme of this book in a pleasant and accessible language. It includes other types of extraterrestrial matter such as micrometeorites, cometary particles, pre-solar grains and other objects that help us understand the primitive Solar System. Throughout its 4560 million years, meteorites have kept innumerable secrets. Some have already been revealed. Others, wait for patients that the traces that have left in these rocks are recognized and lead to their discovery.