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Conferencias (últimos 5 años):

ABREVAYA, X.C. The EXO-UV project. Astrobiology 2017 (2017) Coyhaique, Chile.

ABREVAYA, X.C. The EXO-UV project: An Astrobiological Reappraisal For The characterization of UV-Habitability On Exoplanets. EXO.Ar workshop (2017) Buenos Aires, Argentina.  (contributed talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C. The BioSun project: first results of an astrobiological approach involving Astrophysics, Biology and Geology. 59 reunion de la AAA. San Juan, Argentina. Año: 2016 (contributed talk)

ABREVAYA X.C; ON BEHALF OF THE BIOSUN PROJECT TEAM Simulated entrapment of microorganisms in halites under Martian conditions and interplanetary transfer of life. 26TH RAU. Campinas, Brazil. Año: 2016;(contributed talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C. ASTROBIOLOGY, STELLAR RADIATION AND THE QUEST OF LIFE. IAUS 328. Maresías, Brazil. Año: 2016;(contributed talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C. Hypersaline enviroments as planetary analogs. Primer Foro Internacional de Geobiologia. Arequipa, Perú. Año: 2016; (Invited talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C. Astrobiology in Argentina – Astrobiología en Argentina. I Congreso latinoamericano de Astrobiología. Lima, Perú.  Año: 2016; (Invited talk)

ABREVAYA X.C Astrobiology in Argentina. South American Space Generation Workshop. Lima, Perú. Año: 2016; (Invited talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C.; CANEIRO, A.; HORVATH, J. E.; GALANTE, D.; WILBERGER, D.; RODRIGUES, F.; VARELA, M.E. Synthesis of Halite Under Martian Simulated Conditions: A Study with Astrobiological Implications. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. Año: 2016

ABREVAYA, X.C.; GALANTE, D.; NOBREGA, F.; TRIBELLI, P; RODRIGUES, F.; ARAUJO, G.; GALLO, T.; RIBAS, I.; SANZ FORCADA, J.; RODLER, F.; PORTO DE MELLO, G.F.; LEITZINGER, M.; ODERT, P.; HANSLMEIER, A.; HORVATH, J. E. The use of synchrotron radiation in Astrobiology: Lithopanspermia studies and the Biosun project. 25th RAU – Anual Users Meeting LNLS-CNPEM. Campinas, Brazil. Año: 2015 (contributed talk)

ABREVAYA, X.C. The EXO-UV project. Star Planet Interactions and the Habitable Zone. Saclay, France. Año: 2014; (contributed talk)

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